About Us

The James J. Hill Center is a non-profit business center, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The iconic entrepreneur James J. Hill had a vision to provide the people of Minnesota with a Reference Library to support and grow cultural and economic development in the state. The James J. Hill Reference Library opened its doors in 1921. Today we are known as the James J. Hill Center. We continue to house a world-class collection of practical business information resources which is considered one of the most comprehensive business libraries in the country. And our Librarians are ready to assist visitors with research through our books and online databases.

At its core a library represents the best of democratic ideals. It is an icon of a free society where all citizens can gather, access and exchange information freely.

At the James J. Hill Center our focus is centered on business, leadership and entrepreneurship, and at the heart of those three endeavors rest the concepts of community and optimism that are essential to the success of any idea.

As technology has changed our traditional means of engagement, namely the book, our purpose as an institution has been clarified around not how we engage but where. In the entrepreneurial spirit of our namesake we have committed ourselves to redefining the notion of what it means to be a library; to change from an institution that allowed connections to happen to an institution that actively enables and fosters connections across the broad spectrum that is an economy.

We commit ourselves and our resources to being an iconic place to learn, convene and connect in –  the community, business, the arts, technology, innovation and celebration. Our goal is to provide relevance to our community and to build sustainable and lasting relationships that enable entrepreneurial activities and economic prosperity by encouraging the exchange of ideas and the pursuit of solutions.

Our space. Your success.

Research. Meet. Grow.

Join the legacy.

By becoming a member you will join this legacy of connecting business, entrepreneurs and community. Our members are individuals who have used the business resources through the Reference Library, enjoyed one of the many Real-Phonic Radio Hour shows or other events we have hosted and have just enjoyed walking through our historic and beautiful space.