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It All Adds Up: Steps Along the Way

Junita Flowers is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, mom and the owner of Favorable Treats. With more than 20 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, she spent her career advocating for families and leading social change initiatives. She shares her thoughts and experiences with us in her monthly blog series “It All Adds Up.”

In my mind, the business journey is much like being a parent. It’s common, the stages of development are clearly defined and you invest loads of time and energy in preparation, yet you find yourself on a wild and crazy adventure asking, “what have I gotten myself into?!”

I’ve known since I was a tween that I would someday become an entrepreneur. While I didn’t understand the full scope of what it meant to be an entrepreneur, I was always intrigued with the idea that if something didn’t exist, an entrepreneur would just create it.

Looking back over the years, I chuckle at the way in which entrepreneurship as a career choice was presented to the young dreamers such as myself. The thought of pursuing entrepreneurship was much like pursuing a career in professional sports…we were told to get a good education first and foremost because the likelihood of achieving success by pursuing our dreams was very small.

Today, colleges and universities across the country are offering degree programs in entrepreneurship, community development agencies exist to support business success, and business ownership is presented as a viable and rewarding “plan A” career choice.

Currently, as I stand at the threshold of a new chapter in my business and reflect upon the last twelve years of my “on again/ off again” entrepreneurial journey, I am overcome with gratitude. This very common, but uniquely personalized practice of starting and growing a business, defines who I am and mirrors every aspect of my lived experiences. In my life, entrepreneurship has evolved into a calling which is less about the products I sell and everything about the purpose my life represents.

I started on this journey, creating a cookie company offering convenience, quality and taste. I’ve arrived at this point with the same yummy family recipes, but now mixing in all of the ingredients and baking up hope. The business I lead and the life I live represent HOPE!

They represent the expectation of being something good and the action of doing something good.

While profitability is a foundational principle to business growth, and one of the leading determining factors for keeping your doors open, my journey to achieving business success can be summarized by three important concepts…trust the process, believe in the possibilities and be the change.

  • In order to trust the process, I had to educate myself and prepare for the journey ahead while letting go of the expectations of how it will all unfold.
  • I had to believe in the value of hardship just as much as I cherished the experience of achievement. I had to believe in the possibilities even when I was experiencing a deficit.
  • Just as I imagined as a tween, entrepreneurs create products that don’t exist, I later learned as an adult that I must accept the responsibility to be the good that I want to see. I must first accept and then lead.

The business journey I imagined and the business journey I’ve experienced look nothing alike, but everything I imagined and everything I’ve experienced represent me and my personalized steps along the way.

As always, I love hearing from you. Are you thinking about starting a business? Are you currently traveling your business journey? Do you find any commonalities from my business journey? Send me an email or connect with me on social media. Here’s to a journey of adventure and prosperity.

You can read more about Junita Flowers on her website favorabletreats.com. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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