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It All Adds Up: All Systems Go

Junita Flowers is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, mom and the owner of Favorable Treats. With more than 20 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, she spent her career advocating for families and leading social change initiatives. Junita shares her experiences with us each month with her blog series “It All Adds Up.”

The start of a new year is much like the early days on my journey of entrepreneurship: the dream is big, the possibilities are endless, quitting is a foreign concept and the path to success is clearly defined on an 8.5 x 11 color-coded graph.  Nothing says limitless opportunities like a new beginning. Conversely, nothing can wipe away the promise of possibility or take away the grasp of success like dreaming a big dream but never taking the time to create a plan of action to accomplish the dream.

As an entrepreneur, I’m often moving at 100 mph, so it is important I document vital details in an action plan to ensure appropriate tasks are accomplished. From creating a personal vision board to hosting an all-staff planning retreat, there are many ways to put those dreams on paper and begin crushing goals. Here is my personal 3-step planning process to ensure all systems go for the coming year.

  1. Choose a theme — For me, choosing a theme is slightly different than setting a new year’s resolution. A resolution often focuses on singular behavior modifications and a theme focuses on measuring behaviors. I use the following guidelines when choosing a theme for the year:
    • ideally 3-5 words
    • it is memorable
    • it is measurable against daily tasks and projects
    • it creates or inspires action
  1. Create a vision board — My vision board has been an important tool for creating intentional growth. Whether framed and fancy or simple cut and paste, I typically create a vision board every 2-3 years. To ensure my life is enriched by the things important to me, I include the following six categories in my vision board creation process:
  • Business/Career
  • Family/Key relationships
  • Financial (budgeting, saving, wealth creation, giving)
  • Faith
  • Personal Development
  • Hobby/Fun/Leisure
  1. Review the E-factors — As a social entrepreneur, mission and impact are my heartbeat…they come naturally to me. I created the E-factors as a code of conduct of how I will show up in the world, both personally and professionally. While the four categories remain the same, the area of focus in each of the categories can change based on desired outcomes for the year. The E-factors are:
    • Excellence — we are the best (cookie company)
    • Efficiency — we maximize time and production, we increase revenue
    • Effort — we give it all we’ve got, then ask for help
    • Effective — we do what matters, we make a positive impact

For me, the planning process is vitally important. Taking the time to create a plan and structure for my year allows me to dream about the possibilities while strategizing my approach and desired outcomes. Planning out your year does not guarantee a year of wins and successes, rather it creates a detailed map guiding you from where you are right now to your intended destination.

In 2018, my theme is #ThisHasMeaning, specifically around actions that lead to targeted growth and meaningful relationships. What is your yearly planning process? I would love to hear from you. You can contact me by clicking here. If you’ve found my process helpful, please leave a comment and share this blog post with others. Here’s to a year of intentional growth and immeasurable joy!


You can read more about Junita Flowers on her website at favorabletreats.com. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram


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