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While it’s true that more business information can be found online now than ever before, it’s also true that hitting the books is not yet an obsolete strategy for business research.
Consider: if a publisher has collected information it sees as sufficiently valuable, that publisher will not give it all away for free on the Internet, but rather, print it between the covers of an old-fashioned book, and hope that someone will purchase it. Chumps that we are here at the Hill Library, that’s exactly what we’ll do, when we see resources that may be of use to the entrepreneurs and small business owners that are able to visit the library in person.
Here is just a sampling of the many books and journals we have added to our print collection over the past months, and we continue to add similar resources regularly. To see what we have for your research question, view the library catalog and search by a title, author, or subject keyword. If you can’t make it to the library in person, check with a library in your area to see if any of these titles are available, then read while you pretend you’re at the Hill Library. Or consider a HillSearch membership, which, among other benefits, would entitle you to up to 24 document deliveries (pages or articles or sections of print books) per year.
Food Industry

  • Functional ingredients
  • The food retailing industry speaks
  • Technomic top 500 chain restaurant report
  • The U.S. food marketing system: recent developments, 1997-2006

Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals

  • Directory of investor-owned community hospitals, hospital management companies & health systems, residential treatment facilities & centers, key management personnel
  • Assisted living & extended care facilities
  • HMO-PPO digest
  • Consumer healthcare
  • Supermarket pharmacy trends

Business Startup / How-to

  • Start your own clothing store and more: children’s, bridal, vintage, consignment
  • Start your own executive recruiting business
  • Start your own photography business: studio, freelance, gallery, events
  • The specialty shop: how to create your own unique and profitable retail business
  • From entrepreneur to infopreneur: make money with books, e-books, and other information products
  • Craft, Inc.: turn your creative hobby into a business
  • Financing business growth: proven strategies for women business owners from women business owners
  • Selling art without galleries: toward making a living from your art
  • Smart start-ups: how entrepreneurs and corporations can profit by starting online communities
  • Construction business management: what every construction contractor, builder & subcontractor needs to know


  • Doing business with India
  • Dancing with giants: China, India, and the global economy

Industry data

  • Leisure market research handbook
  • The state of the nation’s housing 2007
  • Used-book sales: a study of the behavior, structure, size and growth of the U.S. used-book market
  • U.S. – International travel and transportation trends: 2006 update
  • 2006 CHA attitude & usage study: craft industry

Industry journals

  • Bottled water reporter
  • Venue safety & security
  • Electronic news
  • The Nilson report


  • Selling online subscriptions summit 2007: transcript
  • The … e-commerce market research handbook


  • Beyond buzz: the next generation of word-of-mouth marketing
  • Branding a store: how to build successful retail brands in a changing marketplace
  • Citizen marketers: when people are the message
  • Creating customer evangelists: how loyal customers become a volunteer sales force
  • Riches in niches: how to make it BIG in a small market
  • The art of digital branding

Misc. / Management

  • Retail store planning & design manual
  • The changing role of the COO: is the chief operating officer headed for transformation or extinction?
  • The right projects done right!: from business strategy to successful project implementation
  • Environmental sustainability: the power of green 
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