Building Something Out of Nothing

Could you build a more effective advertising campaign by doing less?

Absolutely. According to a 2006 report studying white space in ads (pdf from the Journal of Consumer Research), having less information in an advertisement is actually preferable.

The study looks at the messages that experienced advertisers think are conveyed by white space in ads, and finds that these messages include prestige, confidence, and stability.
It also investigates the effect that ad size and white space have on brand perception for consumers. For the consumers surveyed, more white space equals a greater perception of brand quality and company leadership.

Think about this study the next time you’re placing a magazine, newspaper, or even yellow page ad. Can more “nothing” lead to something?

(And if you follow the above link to this report, it’s okay to skip past the introductory section to page five, where survey results are given.)

Source: Get to the Point – Customer Behavior 

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