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Five Pillars to Hit Your Goals

Whether you are an established business owner, a serial entrepreneur or fresh on the scene, your to-do list is likely a mile long.  Goal setting is a vital key to any success because it tracks progress, ensures the tactics are working and keeps the business on track.

It is important to set measurable, achievable and practical goals. When the goals are realistic, it’s easier to put forth enough effort needed to create a successful venture. Thinking through the future of the business and what goals to set forces you set expectations and reevaluate old processes for productivity and outcome. Setting goals will help your staff prepare for potential problems, which helps employees feel fulfilled and capable to handle the situation.

Your personal and professional goals will sometimes overlap and affect the other, so when setting goals and milestones for the business, be sure to think through how they could affect your personal life.  When goals are not met in one aspect of your life, it can negatively affect the other.

One of the most effective goal setting techniques is the SMART method:

Specific: well-defined and clear

Measurable: can track how the goal is achieved and when

Attainable: reasonably achievable

Realistic: ensure the goal won’t create a stressful situation because it isn’t within an achievable realm

Timed: there is a due date & end

These are the five pillars of hitting real goals. Using this technique is an easy way to eliminate lofty ideas and improve ideas that do not push enough.

Starting and running a business is a big enough challenge. Prepare for the unexpected and set yourself up for success with a well thought plan and set those realistic goals!

Join us at the James J. Hill Center for programs and resources to reach some of your goals. 

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