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It All Adds Up: Celebrating the Journey

It. All. Adds. Up…every lesson learned, every celebrated win, every tear-soaked disappointment, and every engaging conversation, they all add up to create my crazy, scary, exciting, risky and beautifully unique journey of entrepreneurship.

Seven years ago, when I literally wanted to quit, I wanted to throw in the towel and fade into the background only to bask in the emptiness of never dreaming again, I decided to ask for help. I asked for help, but only this time it wasn’t the help of a business guru, a career coach or a financial planner. I asked for help from a therapist and began my journey of strengthening my mental health.

Can we stop for a moment and dismantle the stigma around mental health? As entrepreneurs, we typically lead by example. We forge ahead into unknown territory. We innovate in ways that scare us to our core while simultaneously creating excitement and motivation to the world around us. We do hard things…and it is perfectly okay to ask for help.

My decision to ask for help from a therapist was a game-changing move in my personal and business journey. It was a decision that removed some of the self-inflicted pressures I had neatly packaged, strapped to my back and carried around like weighted bags of sand. It was life giving and continues to be a recurring appointment on my calendar. Investing in the strength of my mental health gave me the opportunity to embrace everything about my business journey and to realize that every single step along the way is absolutely required. Every single step along the way needed to happen and together they add up to create my beautifully unique journey of overcoming and winning and I get to share it others.

As we prepare to wrap up another year, this is typically a time when many entrepreneurs will revisit their vision boards, celebrate the accomplishments from the current year and study the game plan for the upcoming year. The meeting and event dates slowly begin to fill our calendars as we make growth promises that will produce positive results. We dream about eliminating some of the bad habits while welcoming the excitement of new routines and practices. We promise to be kinder to ourselves and make room for the things that really matter. We build our team of leaders and supporters and together we dream bigger dreams. Throughout all of the planning and preparation, remember that it is perfectly okay to ask for help.

In the spirit of celebration as we embrace the world of possibilities wrapped up in a new year, thank you for traveling this journey of story sharing with me in 2018. Your commitment to read the blog, share a comment and like a post were all an important addition to this process. Your contribution combined with my contribution, together add up in creating a fulfilling journey.

Junita L. Flowers,
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