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Mobilizing for Action with Jamie Millard

In celebration of Women’s History Month and the dynamic female leaders we have here in Minnesota we have been sharing insights and stories from some of Minnesota’s most influential and game-changing women.  Please enjoy our visit with Jamie Millard as she share’s her perspective, experience and profound beliefs regarding mobilizing a community. 

Jamie Millard is executive director of Pollen, a digital platform that breaks down the barriers of narrative, networking, and opportunity to build better-connected communities.  Jamie has been identified as a “2015 40 Under 40” by the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal, as a “100 People to Know in 2015” by the Twin Cities Business Magazine. Nationally, Jamie was recognized in the Huffington Post as one of four millennial leaders, “doing important work to move us toward a more just and equitable society.”

How do you mobilize for action?
Over the past five years, I  have poured my soul and energy into the Minneapolis / St. Paul region by working closely to criss-cross networks. With connection comes relation and empathy. And as communities begin to cross-pollinate, we connect across our differences, and we begin to unlock the potential of universal possibility. There is no better world  than one where we each focus more on supporting those around us than ourselves. A world where we each work to be in greater relation to one another. Where we live to relate the unrelated.

What is your strength as a Leader?
Ever since I was little, I have always found myself as someone who speaks when there is a void or a lack of direction. I’m good at rallying the troops and I enjoy mobilizing for action. I see leadership as knowing how to be in tune with the moods and energy of those around you—adjusting everyone to be in tune together.

What have been some challenges and opportunities being a women in a leadership role?
Work culture was designed by the white, male breadwinner. It’s not designed to value empathy—and especially not vulnerability. When leadership doesn’t reward traits that are often stronger and more centered in women, then we have to hide those parts of ourselves. Or worse, if we can’t hide those traits, then we can experience serious consequences professionally.

This is also where I see great opportunity. In dismantling the traditional internalized work culture, we can make room to build a new culture. A culture that is less capitalistic and more human-centered.

What inspires you?
My Work Wife, Meghan Murphy. We co-founded Paper Darts together and we run Pollen Midwest together. She’s my go-to work partner on any and all projects. She’s also my best friend and honorary aunt to my daughter. When women can fully support and love other women in their projects and dreams, that gives me so much life, hope and inspiration. Work Wives are the future.

What Insights & advice do you have for other women?
Ask for help and fiercely support other women. And remember, everyone cries in the car (link: http://minnesotabusiness.com/everyone-cries-car).

For more information about Jamie Millard’s visionary work visit Pollen  and sign up for their monthly newsletter or attend an upcoming event.  In addition to her work at Pollen, Jamie serves on a Greater MSP task force to address the retention and attraction of emerging talent in our region. She is also a current member, and former board chair, of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network — Twin Cities. In 2009, Jamie co-founded the literary arts magazine Paper Darts, which is now a premier Twin Cities literary institution and has published more than 700 writers and artists. 

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