Ready, Willing, and Enabled

What determines how effectively employees work?

Surely recruiting and hiring the right people in the first place is important. And compensation can play a role in employee motivation. But a new study from the Economist Intelligence Unit (called Ready, Willing and Enabled) finds that the most effective employees are those that feel enabled to do their jobs well.

Common sense, right? Well, if you think so, good for you and good for your business, because the study finds a direct positive correlation between the success of an organization and how enabled that organization’s employees feel.

To enable employees to do their jobs well, the following is required, according to the study:

-The autonomy sufficient to make the best decisions for the company
-Tools to do the best possible job
-Access to financial resources to buy these tools
-Enough people to handle the workload
-A collaborative working environment
-Performance incentives
-Clarity of policies and procedures

If you’ve got these, you’ve probably got enabled workers. And if you’ve got enabled workers, you’re probably flourishing.

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