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The Business of Storytelling with Numbers

The essence of my role as an entrepreneur is best described as a storyteller. I use the power of telling stories to learn, create, grow and change. Whether it’s a day filled with wins or a bumpy road filled with missed opportunities, it is through the lens of storytelling that brings appreciation for the real and raw lived experiences from my entrepreneurial journey.

I appreciate the power of words skillfully crafted together to deliver a message of motivation to the entrepreneur or a message of persuasion to the customer. Brands are transformed from basic ideas into successful, industry-topping businesses largely due to the story that is being communicated. It is the power of telling shared stories of the human experience that sparks my creative process and allows me to dream bigger dreams. My cookie company, Junita’s Jar was founded because I had a story to tell and a product to share.

But there’s more to the story…

Like many ‘creative-types’ who launch businesses, I enjoy the freedom of dreaming crazy big dreams and I thrive at the ability to be agile and quick on my feet. But unfortunately, many of us ‘creative-types’ approach the management of our business financials with the same quick, dreamy approach.

Recently I sat down for a business planning and strategy session with Connie Rutledge, Managing Director for Finnovation Lab, with a goal of building upon my business story, only this time the story would be told using numbers. After a successful business launch in July 2018, it was time to build upon the current narrative to reach a wider audience and position my company for growth.

In the past, I dreaded the task of financial management. I believed the story that the numbers encroached upon my creativity and inhibited my ability to dream. Unfortunately, this type of storytelling is one of the leading causes for the premature death of countless numbers of businesses.

But there’s a plot twist…

The business financials tell the most inspiring and compelling story and that creates the lifeline for your business. Whether there is a financial shortfall or an abundance of resources, a clear and thorough understanding of the business story told through the numbers, removes much of the guesswork in the decision making process. While this concept can be basic knowledge for many, there are many entrepreneurs who have yet to embrace the powerful story that lives inside of the business financials. I was one of those entrepreneurs.

After my strategy session with Connie, I walked away with a beautifully crafted financial model. I had never appreciated the hidden beauty of an Excel spreadsheet filled with if/then formulas and color-coded equations, like I did upon the conclusion of my strategy meeting. This practice of taking a thoughtful and thorough approach for a deeper dive into my business financials provided a level of clarity that now fuels the future of my company. In the coming months, Junita’s Jar will be introducing some exciting changes and new opportunities for growth. We are building upon our story with clarity and conviction, sprinkled with limitless creativity.

Yes, at my core I am a story teller. Equipped with the beauty of words and empowered by the clarity of financials, I tell stories of shared human experiences that deliver hope throughout the business journey.

I would love to hear from you. How has the power of story telling unlocked hidden secrets and potential growth tactics into your business journey? Also, if you’re looking for a speaker to inspire your group, team or organization through the power of storytelling, I would love to chat. You can send me an email, simply by clicking here.

Junita L. Flowers,
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